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How's that New Year's Resolution Coming Along?

Many of us like to start a New Year by refocusing on our health and this often leads us to the gym.  However, by this time for many people pain has started to creep in and working out and staying fit becomes rather difficult. 

Well, one American company is trying to help ease some of this workout pain.  Michael Kendall, owner of Kendell GelThotics, has created the GelThotics SupportXGel Inserts.  These inserts combine optimal therapeutic arch support and shock absorption to relieve and prevent foot pain and best of all they are made in Santa Barbara, California.

Kendell developed the GelThotic to help runners who often suffer from foot pain due to poor shoe support.  Unlike traditional arch or heel supports that lie flat across the bottom of your shoe, the Kendall GelThotic forms a cobra-like curve that "cups" your arch and heel with silicone support. There are several benefits to this innovative design:

1.    It enables your foot to fit in your shoe the way it was intended, without the added lift of a more traditional insert

2.    The wrap of the insert allows it to mold to the shape of any shoe, so you can switch the insert between shoes as needed

3.    The medical-grade silicone construction ensures it won't break down or absorb scents, so a single pair of inserts can last for a number of years

So if your feet are hurting from that New Year’s resolution or from everyday walking and working we suggest you try this innovative American made product and support this American company.


Happi Hoops

This month we are delighted for you to hear directly from an American business woman who is living her own American dream and providing us with fabulous American jewelry.  Jae Kennedy is the owner of the Dig U.S. Out registered company Happi Hoops located in Auburn, California. Enjoy!

Don’t you just love a girl who wears hoops?

It was the 1970’s and at age 18 I began my working career as an assembly worker for a High Tech firm in California. Back then, women could not be supervisors or managers and we were not allowed to wear pants to work. However, I did not let this stop me. I quickly moved up to a “lead,” but since women could not be supervisors they hired the graveyard janitor for me to train as my new boss. But in America hard work and determination give way to opportunity and at the age of 26 a former boss recruited me to come to a company in Redwood City to be the first woman supervisor, so that they could start filling their "quota for hiring women." At that age I had no fear and no real experience, so I managed 32 women by simply treating them as I wanted to be treated.

During most of my career, I was a struggling single mom from the time my youngest child was 2 years old through college, but I have persevered, beat the odds and today am following my passion and am the proud owner of my own business - Happi Hoops.

I have been wearing some form of hoop earrings most of my life so it seemed natural to set up a business around Hoop Earrings.   Hoop Earrings are like the “little black dress of earrings - everyone owns at least one pair and Reality TV has made hoop earrings more popular and acceptable than ever!  Happi Hoops brings you custom hoop earrings made by artists here in USA ( 2 from Canada) and styles that are unique to each designer – not your typical department store styles.   

You know, they say Silver is the new Gold.  More artists and jewelry designers are using Silver these days which is why several of our Happi Hoops designers use the highest level of Silver (PMC) along with precious and semi-precious stones such as Rubies, Amethyst, Citrine, Iolite, Tourmaline  and so much more. Happi Hoops jewelry is jewelry store quality, but not at the typical jewelry store mark ups.  As you can see, we push the boundaries of Hoop Earrings because there are too many gorgeous designs to pick from.  We carefully select each artist in order to bring a variety of design and materials – we want each Artist to stand out.  Once you look at our collection you will clearly see the workmanship, passion and vision of each Artist.

Men - all of our jewelry is gift wrapped so what better way to show someone you care and all you have to do is point and click (and pay)! Made in USA was the building block of our business model so Happi Hoops is proud to be a part of DIG U.S. Out!  Please visit us at: 


Peterboro Basket at Proud American Trading Post

I was recently given my first Peterboro Basket, and I have to tell you about this amazing product and company. Every Peterboro Basket is made with 100% American labor and materials (sturdy Appalachian white ash) in Petersborough, New Hampshire.  The first Peterboro basket was made in 1854 and today Peterboro Basket Co. is the oldest domestic manufacturer of hardwood baskets. 

Check out some of the ways I have been using my Peterboro Basket.   First, I used it as a magazine and book holder! The study legs allow it to stand up perfectly and the basket is extremely wide, so you can see the numerous books and magazines that it holds.

Now that the warmer weather is finally upon us in the Central Valley of California, I decided it was time to pick some flowers in my garden.  I couldn’t help but bring my Peterboro Basket along. 


You may purchase your own Peterboro Basket at Proud American Trading Post at www.proudamericantradingpost.com.  This wonderful site provides some great deals on quality American products. I hope you enjoy your basket and know that with this purchase you are supporting a historic American company and American jobs!

Your Voice Was Heard


Well, first I must say that the last few months have been quite exciting for me here at Dig U.S. Out.  In April my local Fox 40 news station ran a story on Dig U.S. Out and the next day I was shocked to find the story featured on the foxnews.com Homepage! If you didn't catch the story it is now posted under Publicity.  In the last month alone I have added over 100 American companies to Dig U.S. Out, and new companies are still being added each day.  Thank you to each of you for your support, encouragement, and most importantly your love of the USA. 

In the last few weeks many of you have written to me and expressed concern that the Dig Score allowed companies who manufactured 50% of their products in the USA to register.  Many of you stated that this was not enough and that you only wanted to support those companies who met the Federal requirements of 75% or more.  Well, I have listed to your plea, understand your enthusiasm, and have raised the bar.  Now only companies who manufacture 75% or of their products in the USA are allowed to register on the site.  All previous one shovel companies have been dropped and the Dig Score requirements have been amended.

Now, let's get back to work and support all of those American companies who are dedicated to keeping all of us employed!

A New Collaboration!

Hello Dig U.S. Out Supporters!

The story below is being picked up by news organizations across the country and I want you to be the first to know!

Two Women on Opposite Coasts of America Join Forces to Bring Jobs Back to the U.S.A.

Jamie Norwood and Julie Reiser unite to encourage patriotic spending and spread awareness of the importance of Buying American.


Oakdale, CA and Boca Raton, FL, —Two American ladies with companies on opposite sides of the nation have collaborated in an effort to bring more jobs back to the USA. Jamie Norwood, owner of the Dig U.S. Out website (www.digusout.com) and Julie Reiser, owner of Made in USA Certified, Inc.have formed an alliance in an effort to further the Made in USA movement.

On the West Coast in 2009 Norwood launched www.digusout.com, a search engine database of Made in U.S.A. companies and products in an effort to promote the purchase of  Buying American.  Norwood developed the Dig Score which is a unique way she rates companies on the percentage of their product that are Made in USA.  Companies with 50% or more of their components are able to register on the site and are scored from a 1 Shovel rating all the way up to a 3 Shovel Gold rating for the highest content of USA components.

Concurrently on the East Coast in 2009,  Julie Reiser was also launching -Made in USA Certified, Inc. in an effort to become the leader in independent third party assurance certification for genuine ‘Made in USA’, ‘Product of USA’ or ‘Service in USA’ claims. 

Reiser, a mother of six boys had become increasingly concerned about the dangers of imported products and food as well as the outright false claims manufactures were making of being ‘Made in USA’.    She decided she had to do something about it.

So, at a time in the U.S. when unemployment soared, foreclosures skyrocketed and the U.S. economy took a turn for the worse—these two ladies took matters into their own hands in an effort to make a positive difference.

Now with this unique and powerful collaboration, Dig U.S. Outwill offer the highest rating possible for Made in USA Certified companies.  Made in USA Certifiedcompanies which have already gone through a rigorous supply chain audit will be recognized by the Made in USA Certified seal on their company profile but, will also have the highest Dig Score with a three shovel Gold rating.

For more information:

Dig U.S. Out

Jaime Norwood, 877-344-8166


Made in USA Certified (USA-C)

Julie Reiser, 561-279-2855 X111



Looking For America

The Diamond Gusset Jean Company is a small company located in Bon Aqua, Tennessee.  The owner, David Hall, is a man committed to supporting jobs in his local community and he is proud of the Made in USA label that is placed on each and every pair of Diamond Gusset Jeans.

Recently, Diamond Gusset Jeans received the honor of being featured in a new ballad "Looking For America" by country singer Mark Wills. Diamond Gusset is involved with "Looking For America" because of what the lyrics stand for. In the ballad Mark Wills sings about the importance of American factories to the landscape of  America. Willis sings:

     I'm looking for something I ain't seen in a while
     I'm looking for a factory
     Where a man can feed his family
     Not worried about them moving it south
     Closing the doors and shutting 'er down tomorrow
     I'm looking for America

These words underscore the mission of Dig U.S. Out and American companies, like Diamond Gusset Jean Company, who are working hard each day to ensure  that quality jobs stay in the USA. 

Please visit the Great American Country website at http://www.gactv.com/gac/pac_ctnt/text/0,,GAC_26058_47218,00.html and cast your vote for Looking For America which is currently at #18. With each of our votes we can ensure more people here this song and are encouraged to support American products and American jobs.

May I remind you today that Together We Can Dig U.S. Out!

Thinking and Acting Anew in 2011

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise -- with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln

These words, spoken by Abraham Lincoln 149 years ago, stand as a present conviction to Americans today.  Our national debt has reached 14 trillion dollars, our national unemployment rate is at 9.8% and U.S. foreclosures continue to hit record highs.  As we begin a new year it is clear that in 2011 we, Americans, must begin to think and act anew. 

Here at Dig U.S. Out we believe one vital area where we must think and act anew is in our spending.  From the federal to the individual level we need to make different choices; the future of our country depends on it.  Our spending decisions must involve supporting American businesses and American products which will result in American jobs. 

As we begin a new year, Dig U.S. Out has set some new year’s resolutions that we would like to share with you:

  1. We want to find more American companies that manufacture 50% or more of their products in the USA and add them to our database to support these companies. 
  2. We want to spread the word about the “Made in USA” movement and recruit more Americans to join our cause. 
  3. We want to see the national unemployment rate lowered. 

It is our hope that our resolutions will also become your resolutions.  The mission of Dig U.S. Out, to support American companies and bring back American jobs, is not possible without each of you.  Thank you for your support, and please join us in thinking and acting anew in 2011 in order to save our country from its present perils.  Together we can Dig U.S. Out!  Here’s to a brighter 2011, Happy New Year!

Saluting Our Heros

 "This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."  Elmer Davis

 Today, we salute our Veterans.  To all of the men and women of this great land who protect our freedom, we say Thank You.  Your service to our nation is a precious gift to each and every American. 

Happy Labor Day

This weekend Dig U.S. Out would like to thank all the companies listed on our site who are committed to supporting American jobs and the American laborer.  Each of the companies registered on Dig U.S. Out supports American workers and for that we are thankful.   While our economic numbers continue to remain dismal may this weekend be a reminder that we need to remain committed to supporting American products and the American worker because together we can Dig U.S. Out.  May you have a Happy Labor Day!


Happy 4th of July!

Dig U.S Out would like to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July!  Today as we celebrate our nation's independence may we each give thanks for this wonderful land and all of the brave men and women who have and continue to fight for freedom.  We are posting below a link to the Declaration of Independence. Today is a good day to read the Declaration of Independence and remember the founding ideals of this great land.  God Bless America, Land That We Love!


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