PCM Precision, Inc.

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Company Description:

PCM Precision, Inc. is a Florida based company that has years of experience solving small to medium sized company's manufacturing problems. PCM provides one stop assistance. Give us your end product vision and we will work with you until you have a satisfactory product. Our products are proudly made in America, by Americans, using only American made materials.

Company Offerings:

Recycled HDPE Outdoor Furniture Electrical Connectors Utility Connectors Custom Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment Custom Machines Printer Carts for Pitney Bowes Electric Power Line Mandrells Marine Products Custom Made Assembly Machines Pipe Adapters Reusable Medical Waste Container Tippers Red Bag Medical Waste Lids and Dollys Medical Waste Machinery Solar Mounting and Racking Systems Stainless Steel Wine Racks Stainless Steel Bars